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Leadership With Heart

Apr 23, 2019

In the episode, Heather speaks with Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight about his leadership style in the context of his company’s values, a time when he was not the best leaders he could be and he gives us all some great words to wisdom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Commit to learning everyday and realize that we all start at the beginning in our leadership
  • Create environments of psychological safety
  • Treat others as they would want to be treated.
  • Bring your inner kid to work everyday
  • Remember all of the different frames or “customers” you need to serve. Don’t just be single-minded.
  • Be transparent and vulnerable
  • Learn from other leaders, but do YOU the best you can
  • Do things now despite your ability to scale them later. This might be your only chance.

You will really enjoy this one!