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Leadership With Heart

Jan 12, 2021

In this episode, Heather speaks with Phil Weiser, Attorney General in Colorado. Heather met Phil during her law school days at CU Boulder, but invited him to be on her podcast after hearing a speech he gave about empathy. Caring leadership is about emotional intelligence, and with empathy at the core of that, Heather knew she had to have Phil as a podcast guest. 

Phil shares his leadership journey, sage advice, enjoyable anecdotes, and even the DEI&B initiatives underway at the Colorado Department of Law. 


  • To be alive is to grow. 

  • Focus on leading with empathy and not judgement. 

  • Leadership is about urgency, care and vision. 

  • Some people need to be asked and encouraged to apply for promotions. 

  • Your strengths are also your weaknesses, be alert. 

  • True care means willing the good for another. Even if that makes more work for you. 

  • Give yourself grace.