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Leadership With Heart

Mar 31, 2018

In this episode, Heather speaks to Steve Paul about his leadership philosophy. He shares a story that greatly impacted his style of leading himself and others. They discuss past challenges and how he was able to land in a positive place with his team members. He admitted that his guiding force resides in his faith.

Steve Paul, a longtime friend of mine, but I’ve known him as a leader. He’s also a previous client. The reason why I’ve invited him on here is because I’ve seen over the years, number one, his growth, but also the fact that he has what a lot of leaders have–that internal struggle with trying to lead with heart, trying to get the most of their people, but he has this really keen awareness of where it is that he may be falling short, and he also has this deep desire to try to get better. So that is what leadership with heart is all about.