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Leadership With Heart

Oct 9, 2018

On this podcast episode, Heather speaks with Rich Gassen, Supervisor of the University of Wisconsin’s print shop.

Heather talks to Rich about his leadership style, the roots of his leadership and Rich leaves Heather with some great tips and nuggets.

 Key takeaways:

  • Sometimes we must be leaders without titles to  become leaders with titles
  • Empowering staff to do their best work allows the leader of the team to enrich a broader audience and grow themselves
  • Always be present, available and engaged with your people
  • When your staff knows your mission and knows what has to be done, trust them to do it
  • Someone emotional self-management , or regulating our emotions is something that we learn to get better at over time
  • Leaders cannot give what they do not have and must find resources for themselves to manage others better
  • Seek out training and development opportunities for your team that takes into consideration the whole person inside and out of work
  • We all win when the team uses theirs strengths
  • Life-long learning is key
  • Get to know your staff and attend to their needs

This episode is helpful for all leaders, but particularly helpful for newer supervisors or managers. Great stuff!