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Leadership With Heart

Dec 22, 2020

In this episode, Heather interviews Esmeralda Martinez, the Migrant Education Program Director for the Southwest Region. Esmeralda demonstrates caring leadership by advocating for those that are not at the table. In her line of work, that is primarily underprivileged students and their families. 

Where does Esmeralda’s drive to lead come from? Her beautiful and empowering familial history and the struggles they endured that became opportunities for success. Heather’s last podcast guest, Barbara Medina, recommended Esmeralda and was an example of bringing out the best in others. Esmeralda herself now emulates this as she uplifts and motivates her team, rallying them behind the mission of their work. 


  • Advocate for those that are not at the table.

  • Value each individual as a whole. What do they bring to the table, what are their strengths and talents?

  • Instill passion, you can do that successfully, you can achieve more together.

  • Uplift and empower others to do what’s right. 

  • Be true, and reflect that we may or may not be at our best, so stay consistent, focused, true and strong, It is not easy, and you are not alone.