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Leadership With Heart

Feb 6, 2024

In this episode, Heather has an insightful conversation with two of the six founding facilitators of the Certified Active Listening Program: Jen Fox and Chris McAuley. Chris McAuley has over 35 years of business experience as a successful manager, leader, and business owner, Chris experienced firsthand the value of creating conscious connections with employees, colleagues, and customers. Chris is a speaking coach, trainer, professional speaker, actor, and the owner of MCAVOY Inc. 

Jen is a seasoned HR professional with over 25 years of leadership experience and seamlessly integrates an entrepreneurial spirit with real-time learning expertise. Recognized for her pragmatic solutions and her ability to foster inclusive, high-performing teams, she holds the endorsement as "One of the most no-nonsense L&D professionals on the planet." Take a listen.