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Leadership With Heart

Dec 19, 2023

In this compelling episode of the Leadership with Heart Podcast, Maureen Leahy, Chief Clinical Officer at Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice, shares her profound journey as a seasoned healthcare professional and a resilient individual. From pioneering hospice services in the U.S. to her impactful role at SSRCH, Maureen's path has been marked by accolades, personal losses, and a commitment to compassionate care.
Having cared for her father battling cancer, her mother with dementia, and experiencing her own battle with cancer, Maureen's unique perspective emphasizes the importance of empathy, communication, and shared human moments in healthcare. As a pioneer in hospice and palliative care, she played a crucial role in developing training guides, embodying a holistic approach to patient and family well-being. Her recent role at SSRCH reflects a perfect alignment of expertise and leadership, contributing to the community's mission of providing compassionate care and enhancing the quality of life during life's most sacred moments.