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Leadership With Heart

May 28, 2019

In this episode, Heather speaks with Ian Sohn, President of the Chicago office of of Wunderman, a creative tech company. Heather discovered Ian through an article written about him in the New York Post where they highlight a recent open He wrote to employees about his expectations for employees checking in after work hours. You’ll want to listen in on his perspective after you read the article. Ian talks about his leadership style, his philosophy of growing talent and even about a rough spot he found himself in as a leader.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leaders must transfer what they know to those around them
  • Be intentional about the words that you use to express emotion
  • Always consider the intention of someone’s actions before holding it against them
  • Think of mistakes as teachable moments
  • If leaders do the hard work to build trust through expressing love then no need for foreplay when go to deliver feedback
  • Consider the employee lifecycle when coaching them
  • Trust and then hold accountable
  • Showing some vulnerability regarding mistakes is very important to build trust
  • Take care of yourself first
  • Never do a bad imitation of someone else, be you!