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Leadership With Heart

Dec 11, 2018

In this podcast episode, Heather speaks with John LaFemina, Director, Performance Management at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory about his leadership style, a time when he was not the best leader he could be and some great tips of being genuine and connecting with his team.

Key takeaways:

  • Being a genuine leader gives permission for others to be the same
  • Don’t believe the myth of the perfect leader
  • Embrace yourself and be ok with yourself
  • Create more human work relationships
  • Embrace failure
  • Believe that you need other people to accomplish things.
  • Apologize when you screw up
  • Leaders cant accomplish anything without being authentic

John was a fantastic guest. As a seasoned leader, his thinks of himself as the mirror for this organization, helping them measure the success of projects and initiatives. Listen in to learn from him!