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Leadership With Heart

Sep 4, 2018

In this podcast episode, Heather R. Younger, podcast host, speaks with Chief Ray Aguirre of the California State University-Fullerton campus about his leadership journey, what drives him to lead and very practical, yet impactful ways, he connects with his team and builds trust.

Key takeaways:

  1. Leaving a legacy doesn’t mean that we are forcing the fact that we are known for something once we are gone, but that the way we live our lives and display professionalism and compassion at work leaves its own impact.
  2. We can learn just as much from bad leaders as we can good leaders.
  3. Leaders need their people to know that they are prepared to get in the trenches with them and that they have been there.
  4. Leaders of organizations must take a macro view to understand all that is going on inside and outside of their organizations.
  5. Leaders seek out mentors to help them get stronger.
  6. Leaders should take the time to connect on the personal lives of their people.
  7. It’s the little things that endear your people to you.

Don’t miss listening to the rich conversation Heather has with the Chief and some powerful tactical tips he leave us with.