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Leadership With Heart

Aug 7, 2018

On today's HR podcast, Heather R. Younger, podcast host, speaks with Eric Jacobsen, SVP of Operations for Extraction Oil in Gas, a publicly traded oil and gas company our of Colorado. Heather speaks to Eric about why he chooses to lead, a time when he was not proud of himself as a leader and how he changed that at about the many ways he connects with his team.

They also talked about maintaining the proper focus on what is important as a leader and some key ways to reach across the table and collaborate to produce a larger team focus. As the discussion continues, we also learn how sports of extracurricular activities can form us as leaders and expand our view.

The most important takeaway was in Eric’s description of how he emulated many of the greatest leaders he worked with to become the leader he is today. In his words, “Look at yourself in the mirror; keep your people at the forefront; Observe others.”