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Leadership With Heart

Apr 6, 2021

In this episode, Heather interviews Taneshia Nash Laird, the president & CEO of Newark Symphony Hall, the vintage 1925 performing arts center in Newark, NJ. The way that Taneshia came to be on Heather’s podcast reveals a uniqueness that accompanies this episode until its end. 

The first word Taneshia uses to describe her leadership style is compassionate. This deep found sense of compassion that Taneshia claims to strive for, is revealed through each story and experience which she shares. Taneshia is an incredibly compassionate leader, an imperfect, eager to grow, caring leader in development. Please listen to her story to find some inspiration for your own.


  • Leaders are coaches, investing in people professionally. 

  • Caring Leaders guide their employees towards their respective destinations and heal the organization. 

  • Have a willingness to invest in your people.

  • Discover and unearth the strengths of your team at the earliest opportunity. 

  • Leaders have the positive power to change the lives of those they lead. 

  • Fill the space created through the lay-off process with compassion. 

  • Recognize that the work is not more important than your team’s self-care and health. 

  • Take the time to ask, ”is there anything I can do to help you navigate through these times?”