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Leadership With Heart

Jan 5, 2021

In this episode, Heather interviews the two women from her DEI certification class which she referenced in her blog recently. These two women shared an interaction, which Heather witnessed and was truly inspired by. Antrece Baggett, History, Associate Chair                           

HCC Foundation Board Faculty Representative, and Golbou Ghassemieh, Project Manager/Recruitment Manager at Koff & Associates, both demonstrate humility, compassion and accountability in their interaction.

Watch this week’s episode to experience the beauty of friendship and the true nature of caring leaders. 


  • It’s important for caring leaders to be able to have accountability and take criticism.

  • Have courage to confront the person that did something to harm you. 

  • Demonstrate empathy and compassion when conversing with those who were hurt by your actions.

  • Both parties in a confrontation need to 

  • Assuming positive intent and accepting what someone was intending to do, take people on their word. Giving people the benefit of the doubt. 

  • Create a safe space for someone to speak up, everyone deserves an opportunity to open up and talk.

  • Be authentic leaders, whatever that is and whoever you are. Be yourself.

  • Help people to lean into the discomfort in their mistakes and embarrassment because that’s where growth happens.