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Leadership With Heart

Nov 24, 2020

In this episode, Heather hosts a solo show. In a concise and powerful episode, she connects a classic movie, “The Gladiator,” to caring leadership. Maximus, the protagonist of the movie played by Russel Crowe, exemplifies that people can lead from any place, with or without a title.

He produces a strong and effective team of gladiators by using key caring leader tactics. He takes the time to build trust, by doing exactly what he says he will do. He puts himself on the line for his team, and proves that he believes in the power of the team. Lastly, he shows the gladiators that it is possible to work together as a team and succeed. 


  • People can lead from any place, with or without a title. 
  • Build trust by follow through
  • Show your team that teamwork is the path to success
  • If you put yourself on the line for your team, your team will in turn throw themselves on the line for you. 
  • Show up in a way that produces greatness inside of others as well.