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Leadership With Heart

Aug 21, 2018

On this podcast, Heather R. Younger, J.D., podcast host, speaks with Keith Freier, COO at Pacific Northwest Laboratories about what drives him as a leader, his biggest area of improvement and key nuggets all leaders should know and utilize to increase their effectiveness.

Keith shares a story from the movie, Remember the Titans, where Denzel Washington, the main actor in the movie, calls one of his players on the carpet for his attitude. The player then says, “With all due respect coach, attitude reflects leadership.” This resonated with Keith and represents his leadership style. He discusses the concept that leaders can’t have a bad day, and must be purposeful in maintain a positive mindset.

Another key nugget is that leaders should look to not just one mentor, but a “personal board of directors.” Keith shares with the listeners how to do this and why its important.

To reconnect with his team, Keith focuses on introducing humor into the workplace and  making sure to make time to spend time with his people. He sees the main role of a leader if to pave the way and then get out of the way and let his people do great work, while also enforcing that he is there to remove obstacles and support them.

 You don’t want to miss this very open discussion about the struggle of leaders to strike the balance between transparency and confident communication.